School Libraries are Essential

Did You Know?

43cf06d5-838c-4093-b074-cacbf65e7292Here’s a quiz. Which of the following are required by Pennsylvania to have libraries and certified librarians:
(a) barber and cosmetology schools
(b) nursing programs
(c) adult prisons
(d) juvenile detention facilities
(e) public schools

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Basic Education Funding

Video – Michael Nailor, President of PSLA, speaks to the Basic Education Funding Commission.

Michael Nailor, President of the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association, testifies at a public hearing before the Pennsylvania Basic Education Funding Commission in Lancaster County last December on the vital role that school librarians play providing a quality public school education.

The 15-member commission created by an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature is tasked with developing and recommending to the General Assembly a new formula for basic education to Pennsylvania school districts.

Before making its recommendations to the legislature, the commission is holding a series of hearings around the state, gathering testimony and information from a wide-range of advocates and experts in the education field.

Watch Here

Watch “Does Your School Have a Teacher Librarian?”

Video – “Does Your School Have a Teacher Librarian?”

This advocacy film made by the California School Librarians Association illustrates the importance of teacher librarians. Teacher librarians nurture student interests, integrate technology, teach information literacy, prepare students to be college and career ready, and can provide professional development to faculty and staff within their school districts.

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