School Librarians Transform Learning

Evolution of a Hub of Learning

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Dr. Cosmas Curry (left) and Phil Burrell (right).

In May of 2014, Bloomsburg Area School District Superintendent Dr. Cosmas Curry was facing a difficult decision regarding the high school librarian position.

The decision, forced upon him due to the retirement of a long-time librarian, was whether to fill or eliminate the position.  Dr. Curry was struggling with what to do. He was trying to make the wisest decision during an austere budget environment. 

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Learning with Digital Technologies


The American Association of School Librarians released an infographic that shows how the Internet and digital technologies affect research done by students. With online research increasing, librarians have the chance to teach students how to research quickly, efficiently and correctly thanks to digital tools.

View Larger Infographic Here


“Why are School Libraries Essential?”

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Video: Why are School Libraries Essential?

The New Jersey Association of School Librarians created a video explaining how Internet searches cannot replace the skills and experience of a school librarian. The video describes how studies have proven that school library programs staffed by qualified school librarians have a positive impact on student academic achievement.

See the video here

Educator Effectiveness System Guide

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 2.55.45 PM_zpspse0tsbi

The University of Pittsburgh and the PA School Librarians Association collaborated to create The School Librarian’s Guide for Success in the PA Department of Education Educator Effectiveness System:  Using The Model Curriculum for PA School Library Programs as a Foundation. The Guide was designed to help all Pennsylvania school librarians prepare for their annual evaluations conducted by their school district administrators under the Educator Effectiveness System (EES) required by the PA Department of Education for the evaluation of all teachers and administrators in the 500 school districts.

View The Full Guide Here


“21st-Century Libraries: The Learning Commons”

computer-station-460_zpss49e3ceeAs libraries advance, so do the methods of finding information. Libraries are reinventing the search to find content through online databases and an environment that enhances the digital age. The future of libraries allows a student the potential to enter a global library through a click of a mouse and brings alive the exploration and creation of the 21st century learning hub.

Read Full Article Here

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