21st Century Library

Radnor’s 21st Century Library

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Radnor High School librarian Michelle Wetzel highlights the benefits and advantages students receive by using the library through a video produced by Radnor High School student Grant Plotkin. Michelle describes Radnor’s library to be a collaborative work place that hosts frequent author visits and utilizes technology to help students find the resources they are looking for. The high school library even offers a book club where the students participate in activities portrayed in the books that they read, such as a fencing lesson.

See the video here.



21st Century School Library – a High-Tech Hub


As Bloomsburg Area High School planned to cut its librarian position in 2014, Phil Burrell stepped in to transform the library into a 21st century hub of learning. The Bloomsburg Press Enterprise covered Phil’s success and his accomplishments in evolving the high school library with a self-serve coffee station for students, a green screen similar to those on film sets, more portable Microsoft Surface devices and a 3-D printer that layers material from a computer into a physical object. Phil discusses the influence the library has on students who use the new resources and how school curriculum has adapted to the changes in technology. 



A Week in the Life of a 21st Century Librarian


Librarians specialize in research, resources and helping students reach academic goals. Librarian Ruthie Neely explains a week in the life of a librarian is never the same and projects range from discussing literacy criticism to participating in a Battle of the Books, an event where students compete from across regional school districts in trivia styled competition. In a wide range of academia, a week in the life of a librarian also consists of guiding students down a career path, creating book displays and also helping teachers find resources to better assist students. Ruthie finds ways to modernize the library by using online databases to create digital publications, Skype to connect writing groups, and more! 

Learn what Ruthie is doing here. 



Innovative Educator Learns From Foreign Teachers

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.45.22 PM_zpsb76x5yvs

Joining with about 300 teachers around the world, Milton Area School District library media specialist Karey Killian attended Microsoft’s E2 in Budapest Global Educator Exchange last month and, in result, developed connections for student exchanges and Skyping opportunities with schools around the world. Named in November as one of the 5,600 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts worldwide, Karey applied to attend the conference and was selected. Only 212 participants were chosen from the United States out of 5,600 to share ideas and learn what other teachers from around the world are doing in their classrooms to educate students through technology.

Read the article here.



PSLA Members Selected to Serve on Committees for “Every Student Succeeds Act”

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At a Joint House and Senate Education Committee hearing last month, Secretary Pedro A. Rivera provided lawmakers with the Department of Education’s plan to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Rivera also assured committee members that the General Assembly would be an important partner in the implementation of ESSA, the plan set forth to replace No Child Left Behind. Allison Burrell and Allison Mackley will be involved in the educator certification and educator evaluation groups, respectively.

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